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Has Your Post-Crash Care Made You Even Worse?

Posted by John D'Intino Jr. | Sep 20, 2021 | 0 Comments

When you seek medical care immediately after a car crash, it's because you need help. You need a professional to assess your injuries and leap into action. You need someone to re-set bones, stitch you up, and provide pain management strategies.

You don't need someone responsible for providing care to make your situation even worse—however unintentionally.

Whether you suspect that the care you received was inappropriate, unhelpful, poorly executed, or that you didn't receive the care you asked for, you may be able to work towards compensation.

Documenting Post-Crash Health Care to Increase Your Chances of Compensation

Precise, comprehensive documentation is the name of the game. Consider these steps in the wake of your accident and post-crash care:

1. Try to pursue care quickly after your injury. Not only is this best for your health, but it also helps to establish the link between the crash and the provided care. If you require more attention after botched post-accident care, try to follow up promptly too.

2. Document everything that happens to you. Request paperwork at all appointments, take before and after photos, journal your symptoms and discuss your care with witnesses. Later, when your attorney is helping you build your case, this documentation will be extremely helpful.

3. Don't sign anything without your attorney's approval. Whether it's a settlement, release, waiver, or even something relatively innocuous, you don't want to sign away your rights to pursue compensation or further care.

4. Don't avoid further care. Resigning yourself to constant pain or an unsatisfactory health situation won't benefit you, your loved ones, or your future. We understand that your experience with care may make pursuing further attention difficult, but you definitely shouldn't just accept your fate or ‘tough it out.'

D'Intino Law in Philadelphia is Ready to Provide Competent, Comprehensive Legal Assistance After Your Crash

If you've experienced poor medical care, you may be leery of trusting anyone to be completely on your side. We understand that. That's why, at D'Intino Law, we'll make sure we go above and beyond to give you the legal assistance you require. Give us a call at 267-491-9111 or contact us online, and we'll put our extensive experience in car accident cases to work for you.

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