Post-Crash Reconstructive Surgery Gone Wrong? Here’s What to Do

Posted by John D'Intino Jr.Mar 01, 20220 Comments

If you've suffered severe injuries during a car crash, there's a chance you may require reconstructive surgery immediately afterward.

Some of the common injuries that accident victims sustain—head wounds, lacerations, broken bones—may require a cosmetic solution for you to regain your previous quality of life.

Unfortunately, this may include more procedures. The more procedures you undergo, the more potential you have for costly, upsetting surgical mistakes.

Common Mistakes That Occur With Reconstructive Surgery After an Accident

We should distinguish between complications and actual mistakes. For example, the Mayo Clinic discusses the risk of reconstructive surgery, laying out the following complications of typical procedures:

• Anesthesia issues

• Infection at the operation site, which can produce or worsen scarring

• A buildup of fluid under the skin

• Skin breakdown, which can also lead to scarring

• Nerve damage

In some cases, these complications can lead to permanent disfigurement or require further procedures.

You may be able to demonstrate that these complications were avoidable or are connected to some form of malpractice. You may also experience a more clear reconstructive surgery mistake instead of a (possibly) expected complication. Sometimes, these mistakes can lead to painful or poor symptoms, such as bad scarring, reconstructive results that don't look great, or even health complications like difficulty breathing or impaired vision.

Clearly, this isn't the goal. To pursue the compensation you may need to correct poor care, consider the following steps:

1. Document everything. Take before and after photos, make sure that your medical paperwork makes sense, and request copies of all documentation.

2. Pursue treatment shortly after your accident. This can help establish a link between the crash and your reconstructive care.

3. Hire an experienced car accident attorney to make sure that you have professional counsel on your side.

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If you're suffering from a post-crash reconstructive surgery gone wrong, you need to know that there are steps to take to pursue a more favorable outcome.

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