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Real Estate Law in Philadelphia: What Rights Do Homeowners Have When Foreclosure Protection Ends?

Posted by John D'Intino Jr. | Jul 24, 2020 | 0 Comments

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You might not have noticed when it happened, but it may well be something you want to find out what the relevant details are so you can make an informed decision. Real estate evictions and foreclosure in Philadelphia changed on July 9, 2020. It was on July 9, 2020, that Governor Wolf extended the protection from foreclosures and evictions to August 31, 2020.

In Philadelphia, the COVID-19 Pandemic put evictions and foreclosures on hold through July 10, 2020, but has since been extended through August 31, 2020 to help ease the burden that the coronavirus pandemic has bestowed upon Philadelphia. This hold was the result of an executive order signed by Governor Tom Wolf and the state Supreme Court moratorium on proceeding with these types of legal proceedings. When real estate laws go back to normal, and the moratorium ends, you may need one of the best real estate attorneys to help you deal with a resulting complex real estate situation.

There is no substitute for having a skilled real estate attorney when dealing with unexpected legal conditions, such as tenants who are now facing evictions or foreclosures. As a landlord, you are getting ready to take the next step in collecting rent owed, read on if you want to know what protections people have in real estate legal issues that will begin to occur in Philadelphia courtrooms, once the moratorium is lifted.

Real Estate Law in Philadelphia

An excellent real estate attorney can be worth their weight in gold if you are dealing with a complex real estate issue. There is no other legal professional that offers real estate expertise in the legal mandates and laws they know and understand inside and out. There are many real estate roles and services a real estate attorney provides.

If you live in Philadelphia and you are dealing with any real estate dispute, you might want to know where you can go and what legal services will they provide you? There are law firms that specialize in real estate that can offer you excellent guidance regarding legal issues arising as a tenant, landlord or commercial building owner in Philadelphia. There is nothing as beneficial to a real estate transaction than having a real estate expert who also provides stellar and practical litigation skills.

Real estate law in Philadelphia is complicated even without COVID-19; the pandemic has caused court proceedings to come to a halt due to the shutdown. During this unprecedented time, it also impacted Philadelphia real estate foreclosures and the eviction laws many homeowners rely on to ensure that their investments are protected. Homeowners were told that if they had renters in their homes who have not been paying rent, as soon as the moratorium is lifted they will be able proceed with eviction if they cannot collect their rent and past due fees, and now with another extension many homeowners are faced with a new set of challenges in protecting their homes and finances.

Renter and Homeowner Financial Assistance in Philadelphia

In a unique twist, both landlords and tenants are looking for real estate law assistance to help deal with the looming eviction and foreclosures that inevitably will become reality at the end of August. Both landlords and tenants have asked for assistance to deal with this upcoming issue, and both Governor Wolf and the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency has been proactive by setting aside about $150 million worth of financial assistance funds from the CARES Act to qualified homeowners and tenants to help provide financial assistance to pay their mortgage or rents.

Homeowners and tenants can apply for the funds until September 30, 2020. There are some eligibility requirements like, layoff dates, income medians and the number of people in your household. Taking advantage of this assistance is key to avoiding foreclosure or eviction.

Real Estate Law That Applies to Tenants and Landlords

It is then that both tenants and landlords understand they need to know what their rights are and when to utilize the services of a real estate law firm in Philadelphia. When dealing with disputes on real estate contractual issues having a dependable real estate attorney is imperative. Your real estate attorney should provide you with two primary functions.

  1. They can litigate your case in court if and when needed.
  2. The real estate attorney can decipher and consider the legal aspects of any real estate transactions and offer you viable legal options to consider.

The job duties and responsibilities of a real estate attorney are extensive and detailed. They also have to be ready for any real estate eventuality that may occur.

Philadelphia Real Estate Law Firm Responsibilities

There is no easy way to practice Philadelphia real estate with its myriad of duties and responsibilities. The guide to real estate law in Philadelphia grows every year, but some typical responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Assess legal risk based on real estate documentation or court filing records
  • Be prepared to litigate any real property transaction
  • Contract expertise for both tenant and homeowner or commercial property owners
  • Interpret rules and regulations regarding real estate law changes

Most Philadelphia real estate attorneys also have to handle large scale real estate portfolios. These types of portfolios come with many legal nuances that have to be carefully considered during legal deliberation.

Your Next Step May Be Your Most Important Legal Step

The value of an excellent real estate attorney cannot be overstated because they can capture or litigate complex real estate transactions based on old and new legal rulings. Those abilities have infinite value, and it's why you need to seek out one of the best real estate law firms in Philadelphia. Reach out to D'Intino Law Firm, LLC, when you are ready to move forward with your real estate legal needs.

When you are ready to learn about your legal options regarding real estate law in Philadelphia, D'Intino Law Firm will provide you with the best legal options available to you. D'Intino Law Firm has the extensive real estate law knowledge you want with the litigation expertise you need.

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