Responding Strategically With an Arrest All Over Social Media

Posted by John D'Intino Jr.May 23, 20220 Comments

If you've just undergone an arrest, you might hope for a little privacy. After all, some room to reflect on what's happened and some quiet time to reach out to your loved ones might seem like the least the universe can give you.

Unfortunately, with the hyper-available, always-updating source of information that is social media, you may not even have the saving grace of a minute to yourself. Before you can figure out how best to manage your story, the details of your arrest could be spread far and wide.

Here's the good news: You still have some strategies you can implement. We'll discuss a few of them in this helpful article!

How to Avoid Making Things Worse When Your Arrest is Breaking News

Once you regain social media access after your arrest, you may be dismayed to find posts spreading unflattering accounts of your alleged misdeeds.

Take a breath. Your automatic response to protect yourself may not be helpful here. Work closely with your defense attorney, and consider the following:

  • Don't go through and delete specific posts, comments, or even entire social media accounts. This may feel like a safe precaution, but it could make you look guilty — or you could accidentally remove exonerating evidence.
  • Don't post, if possible, while your case is pending. Even if you post about things that aren't related to your case at all, your words could be twisted and held against you.
  • Don't get into any arguments in comment sections. You will not win any wars in the comment section, and you'll just destroy your mental health for no good reason.
  • If applicable, it may make sense to personally email or call your close family members to let them know what's happening. This can reduce your pressure to clear your name on social media. (Run this by your defense advisor, first, just to make sure you're saying the right things to the right people.)

Finally, make sure you're working with empathetic, experienced professionals. The sooner your name is actually cleared, the sooner you can return to normal life. (However, we'd recommend never really discussing your case on public social media, even after it's over — it's both risky and unhelpful, no matter how you slice it!)

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